Troubleshooting Wooden Radio CD Player in Car

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Although iPod and MP3 music player are spreading in stores, many people still also use the wooden radio CD player for their car. And sometimes the wooden radio CD player has problem that actually happens due to problem with the actual CD. The CD can deteriorates rapidly because car can become hot and dusty. So that you will need to troubleshoot the wooden radio CD player in your car once in a while. You will need commercial CD player cleaning disc and soft cloth.

Clean The CD
Now start cleaning the CD by wiping it with soft cloth. Clean it from the center outward and inspect for scratches which can causes skips. Immediately change the CD if there are visible scratches and it skips a lot. Then start to insert the commercial CD player cleaning disc into slot of wooden radio CD player. Since car can be dusty, the dust will be able to permeate the CD slot even with the flap in place.

Check The CD
After you have finished cleaning the CD, now you can check the documentation that came with the CD player to have a verification if the CD will be able to play in your particular car wooden radio CD player. You may think that there will not be any problem, it may be happened because you always just play CD that you buy commercially from store, but sometimes there are people who like to burn their own compilation to one CD at home. This makes thing possible that the format you use when burning the CD is not compatible with the wooden radio CD player in your car.

You also can search for music file or audio disc or CD read or any similar label within the CD player’s menu function. If you like to burn CD as said before, you may need to do some configuration because some wooden radio CD player cannot just play CD with mp3 or WAV files. And if you have done troubleshooting it, try to make use of the wooden radio CD player as normal as possible, for example if the CD changer can only hold six, then do not force it to have more.

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